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Tradeshow Kit 400

The Tradeshow Kit 400 offers an excellent way for your company to customize your 10x20 trade show booth with an array of options including freestanding Counter, A-Board, Windsails, Pop Up, Tube Shape, Empire Pole, Literature Racks and more. This innovative portable trade show solution makes it possible to move the components and change the presentation in your way that meets the changing theme or need of the visitors. By making full use of our modern designed Tradeshow Kit 400, you will save yourself a great deal of time and money on exhibit advertising. Not only will your budget be more manageable, but also the outcome effect will quite possibly be superior to something you created entirely on your own!

Set includes
A- Snap Frame A-Board
B- Wind Sail 200 Medium Pole Set and Cross Base B
C- L-Banner
D- Pop Up 200 3x4
E- Frame System Tube Shape
F- Empire Pole Single
G- Wind Sail 100 XSmall Pole Set and Square Base A
H- Lit-Rack 300 Double
I- Counter 200
J- Lit-Rack 300 Single