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Tradeshow Kit 200

The Tradeshow Kit 200 gets you and your brand clearly noticed in a sea of exhibits with high-impact trade show displays. This tradeshow solution combines Pop Up, Roll Up, Windsail, Tube Shape Hanging, Classic Stand, Pop Out, Literature Rack and more. The innovative blend of these display products allows your company to create exhibits that are not only unique and highly effective, but also portable and easy to set up. Our Tradeshow Kit 200 helps you turn your 10x20 exhibition booth into a marketing masterpiece and ensures your trade show a great success!

Set includes
A- Roll Up 100
B- Wind Sail 200 Medium Pole Set
and Cross Base B
C- Pop Up 100 3x3 (2)
D- Tube Shape Hanging Square
E- Classic Stand
F- Pop Out Small
G- Lit-Rack 100 (2)
H- Table Frame Medium
I- Counter 100