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Barrier System 200

The Barrier System 200 is a 'value for money' advertising system getting your advertising easily seen in shopping mall, airports, cinemas, conferences or tradeshows, and other events and public spaces. It is a new way to provide information through your screening or to make advertising directed towards people walking or sitting around. Perfect for use in any internal or external retail environment or in areas of high pedestrian traffic, the Barrier System 200 offers an imaginative way of displaying your banner and poster, rain or shine!

Set includes
Aluminum poles, Connectors, Bungee Cord, Plastic Clip, and Spring Snap
Aluminum poles

System Size(cm)
150x75, 150x100, 150x125
200x75, 200x100, 200x125
250x75, 250x100, 250x125

Print Size(cm)
142x60, 142x85, 142x110
192x60, 192x85, 192x110
242x60, 242x85, 242x110